May 3th – Anniversary Party


Corrie’s Retirment Bash! Saturday May 25th at 9pm

Corrie’s last day has come and gone

No more drinks for Dean or Bon!

She’s calling on her local mates,

To join her while she celebrates!

Retiring after 19 years

Of laughter, fun and joyful tears.

She’s gonna miss her Dodger pals

Come one come all, both guys and gals!

Give her a send off she won’t forget,

Remind her of the folks she’s met.

The ones she’s served throughout the ages

The ones that filled her photo pages!



After 19 years we must bid farewell

With tears and cries that could fill a well.

no more Fridays serving beers

no more patio summer cheers.

Before her Dodger days are done

Come have a pint and a little fun.

come say goodbye, but shed no tears

just drown the sorrows with some beers!